Friday, November 9, 2007

Featured Artist: Moda Designs

Name: Gina
Shop: ModaDesigns, CheapBoutique, JourneyInJewellery
Web Address: all of the above with added on :D

What inspires you?
I get a great deal of inspiration by seeing the amazing designs put up on Etsy. One just recently solved my quandry for making rings! I see how others make ear wires so I don't have to purchase them, I see how people have soldered something so it encourages me to learn to solder!

How long have you had your shop?
Almost two years on Etsy

Is this a job for you or a hobby?
It is my only source of income as I am disabled

How did you get into your craft?
It was the only craft that interrested me after my disabling accident. All other craft items I'm selling off in my CheapBoutique shop!

Do you have any advice for fellow Esty Shop owners?
Promote, promote, promote! Put your shop addy in your email's Signature file so it follows every email you send. Join interest groups and drop your shop name frequently. I found Etsy through just such an interest group-the woman had her shop name in her signature which followed her posting! Wear your own designs and tell people who compliment you on them that they are for sale! Stay active in the Forums and Chats! Many of my customers come to me from reading my posts in the forums!

Anything you would like to add?
Research every potential market. If it looks good, try it for a while. If it doesn't produce, drop it. Selling jewellery on Etsy has slowed to a non-existant crawl for me, so I spend my time looking for local outlets! I also sell supplies to support my jewellery shops!

Etsy Shop:


Cryztalvisions said...

I love reading about what inspires other artists! Very nice feature.

creativesundries said...

Looks great, Joanne!