Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Featured Artist: Little Bundles

Well hello there! Thank you for stopping by! I guess you are looking to learn a little about us. Ok, well here it goes...

The Company
Little Bundles is a baby clothing and accessories company located in New Brunswick, Canada that offers high quality goodies for style conscious parents. This handmade enterprise is run by two sisters, and it all began when an exhausting search for a special and unique gift came up empty. Frustrated by the lack of children’s items that did not have a cartoon character plastered all over them, these sisters sat down to create something different. Rest assured, while every product may look cool and hip, it is still practical.

Who Are They?
What a great question! One is a spunky, curly topped girl with a big smile and bright blue eyes, who loves to create and design. She can be found most days in the Little Bundles’ studios surrounded by fabric, ribbon and thread (oh and the essential cup of coffee) bringing some new creation or design to life.

The other is the complete opposite, a quiet, dark haired girl, whose hair is as straight as a pin. The grounded one of the two, she makes sure that each piece includes all the practicality and functionality that everyday life needs.

Both are passionate about combining modern colors and patterns with fresh designs to create fashionable alternatives for Moms and tots. They love to take boring baby basics and give them their unique twist to make them as functional as they are fancy. Their personal goal is to give everyone (no matter how small) the opportunity to let their individuality shine!

Who you’re talking to
Ever wonder who answers all those questions, convos, requests and emails? Well here at Little Bundles you’re always talking to a person. Sometimes it’s Jill, herself or it could be one of the fantastic supporters that stop by to help when things get busy. Either way we always try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Wholesale Orders
We love them! If you are a boutique or website owner and are interested in offering our products to your customers, just drop us a line including your email address and a little about your business.

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