Monday, October 29, 2007

Featured Artist: Elements By Dawn

Behind the name: Elements by Dawn
Element - refers to the shape, form, mass, line, texture, pattern, light, and color of a design.

About the artist, Dawn Brandt
Dawn is particularly drawn to creating pattern and texture in her pieces. Through pattern and texture, her designs take on movement, visual and tactile interest. Through the use of color and form, she communicates emotion and energy. Dawn's pieces range from simplistic shapes and lines, evoking a sense of calm; to heavily textured with bold colors and lines, suggesting passion.

Her obsession with circles, spheres, disks, and symmetry is expressed throughout her designs.

Dawn is constantly learning new techniques, as well as perfecting traditional methods of metalworking and design.

Additionally, she is a full-time student, wife, and mother of two boys. She enjoys listening to music of all types, especially industrial, techno, a little ska, and classical. Dawn is a self-diagnosed coffee and cheese addict.

Custom Order Requests
Dawn loves to do custom work for her clients! If you are interested in having Dawn create a custom piece for you, please contact her via the "contact ElementsbyDawn" option on the right hand side of the screen, of her Etsy shop.

Wholesale inquires WELCOME

Additional Information
Visit her website at for show information and her blog.
**Member of the ETSY Street Team: Art Jewelry Collective**
**Member of the ETSY Street Team: WIST (Wisconsinites)**
**Member of the Kenosha Arts Association**
**Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer, member no. 407**

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