Thursday, January 24, 2008

Featured Artist: Thumbelina Creations

Jonquil Thiessen is a stay-at-home mom of three boys who loves to be creative in many different ways. She loves to sing, knit, crochet, draw, scrapbook, write music, and make jewelry. She would feel lost if she wasn't able to be creative.

She started young, singing in church and at weddings at three years old. Music and art have always been her passion.

She has tried to pass on that passion to her boys, but as you may know, little boys do not have a long attention span. Some of the boys are off to school now, so she has a little more time to focus on her art.

Her main priority is her family. Etsy has become a valuable method of continuing with her art and still being able to love and take care of her family.

Member of: etsyBEAD, ETSYMOM, and ETSYAlberta

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