Monday, January 7, 2008

Featured Artist: Glory2727

Let me share my joy of painting with you

What inspires me as an artist? I would have to say everything! I am always amazed at cloud formations. I look at this all the time. The flowers with delicate petals of color are considered God’s Art- work. The beautiful birds and butterflies could give anyone a color theory lesson. My slogan for my business and my work is “Let me share my Joy of painting with you”.

I work each year on a technique of painting. So far I have done oils, acrylics water color, pen and ink with watercolor wash, colored pencil, and one stroke painting. I am having such a good time with my pursuit of colored pencils that I shall work with them for now.

I got started late in life on an art career. I am a widow and have battled with cancer and a handicapping accident. Art has given me a new purpose to get up each morning and being glad to be alive. What more does anyone need in life?

I have my own hours, eat when I want, watch TV programs I like, sleep when I want, get on the Etsy forums anytime I like , and travel and share with my daughter and friends. And I will have to say the mother and daughter roll has switched. My daughter is my roll model now and she inspires me and encourage me in all that I do.

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