Friday, January 11, 2008

Featured Artist: A Passion For Fashion

1. Tell me a bit about yourself (name, location, affiliations, personal stuff).

Jennifer Meyers..Phoenix Arizona..Jewish

I am a stay at home Mom and I take care of my 2 kids..Both Under 6 years old. I started making jewelry about 7 years ago after my Dad bought me some books on the subject. I have always been creative and and I started calling myself an artist at age 5. I got my degree in Art from ASU where I did more painting and photography. My career includes more than 15 years as a professional artist, designer and consultant.

I have been on two local television morning shows, channel 3 and 12. My work has also been featured in the Arizona Republic Newspaper (in Arizona, USA). I have also been in many juried art shows, and high end retail shops. And now I am addicted to Etsy.

My Husband wrote two great stories for me in the of those on Etsy addiction...

2. What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

I am inspired by everything... I look at everything and try and think how I could use that. I tease my kids that I will turn their toys into jewelry and sell it on Etsy if they don't clean their rooms. Most of my idea come to me when I am working on a project... or hunting for something different on the Internet... I am always looking for that next big thing.

3. What is your favourite thing in your shop and why?

This is my favorite right now [Field of Flowers...Glass and Japanese Chiyogami Paper Pendant Necklace]... It is my newest design and very classy with my unique stamp on it. Plus I had a great time shopping for the supplies for this... It took 5 different venues to put this piece together... 2 brick and mortar stores and 3 online stores.

4. What is the best thing you have ever created?

The best thing I ever created first I'd have to say the relationship with my Mom... My Marriage... and My children... but I had help in those...

My best creation with my hand was when I built a 30 ft redwood trellis across our pool area in our former house. I had more time on my hands before kids and I love to construct things. I even designed and planned it all myself... Jewelry wise I am really tickled by a wholesale order I had... 33 pieces that went to Saudi Arabia.

5. What is the best homemade item you have ever bought?

I love my Cheetos Change Purse... I love Cheetos... I always have... so when I saw it I had to own it! Made by MoJo on Etsy. I also love aBreathofFrenchair shop on Etsy... I bought some grape-seed lotion with the smell of carnations... I bought some for my Mom as well... I just love it! I won't buy store lotion again...

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A Passion For Fashion said...

Thank You for the feature! Your Blog is set up so nice!! I should have you do! Can't wait to see who else you feature!