Friday, June 20, 2008

Featured Artist: Woodshed Designs

WOODSHED Designs by Lindy Varney Wood

1. Tell me a bit about yourself (name, location, affiliations, personal stuff).

Hi, my name is Lindy Wood. I live in Turner, ME with my husband of 33 years. I work full time as an LPN clinical assistant to a wonderful doctor in an OB/GYN office. We have no birth children but we claim 5 --'of the heart'-- international kids which are now adults. They live N.Ireland, New Zealand, Dubai and one lives a few hours away in ME. We love to travel and plan to go to N.Ireland to our daughter's wedding.

I started sewing around the 5th grade at 4H. I think my first project was a heart shaped needle cushion. I made my first quilt on New Years Eve in 1973. I didn't sew much for the next 20 years until a friend gave me a log cabin table runner pattern and I promptly told her I could not possibly do that. Here I am 12 years later. I got serious about sewing my runners 3 years ago when my husband got sick and I needed to pay medical bills. He's healthy again and I just do it for me now.

2. What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

I love color and texture. Fabric jumps out at me. I can walk into a store and instantly know what I will be walking out with. I don't like traditional pastel colors. I love the Amish and feel inspired by their bold quilts. If I can't make a decision about what border goes with which fabric, I just ask my husband. He is always by best advisor.

3. What is your favourite thing in your shop and why?

My least favorite thing is the first 3 logs on the log cabin squares. The fabric is small and the work is slow but once I put on the first row of the basic fabric then every step is my favourite thing. I love building on the runners (There are 70 steps that go into everyone of these). It is exciting to see something that you thought would be lovely turn into something lovely and functional. I love meeting the people that will buy my products. I always think, "I made this for you".

4. What is the best thing about your products?

The best thing about my product is that every stitch, every piece of fabric and how it matches up is thought about. I don't sit down and just sew. I look and think about where every log is placed upon another. I wonder if the consumer will care or even notice but the bottom line is that I care and notice the quality and placement of my fabric. I can only hope that others will feel the attention that I give to each one of my runners or pillow covers.

My product is used to enhance your home. You can use them as a base under any treasure that you hold dearly. The different sizes allows you to use them all over your house. They are durable and wash well.

5. What is the best homemade item you have ever bought?

That would be a quilt. It matches the wallpaper in my guest room so perfectly and it always makes me happy to see it. Of course when I found co-ordinating fabric and could make runners to use on the bureaus I was even happier!

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woodshed said...

I was shocked to see that my interview was posted today. Thank you for sharing my story.