Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inspiring Christmas - Fur Babies Like Presents Too!

I absolutely love Christmas shopping for the perfect gift for each member of my family and I always have. Actually, I remember when I was a child I bought my grandparents lottery tickets, perhaps not their heart's desire, but can you imagine how happy they would have been if they had won? I've also always thought it was important to include my fur babies in the gift giving.

Woof Woof! Meow Meow!

The first year my cat saw the Christmas tree she climbed it and knocked off half the ornaments. That year she was my only baby, fur or otherwise, so her stocking was absolutely stuffed.
Ecofelt Stocking For Your Pet by echoshop

That was many years ago though and now there is a menagerie of pets in my family including seven dogs who all love their treats.
No Bones About It Holiday Bone Tin - - All Natural Gourmet Vegetarian Dog Treats by Shorty's Gourmet Treats

One of the seven is a chihuahua who is such a little girl.
Mrs Claus 2 Piece Dress by Downunder Dog Designs

Thank you to echoshop, Shorty's Gourmet Treats and Downunder Dog Designs for the ideas for my fur baby's Christmas presents. Please check out these and all the other fabulous items in their Etsy shops.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!
- CoconutPalmDesigns

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LisaDay said...

Yes, the pets used to get a stocking. Now Cosmo will be getting a handmade toy and that's it. Times have changed.