Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspiring Christmas - Happy, Happy, Snow Day!

As a child, and probably still as an adult if I lived somewhere where it snowed, I could never wait to get outside after the first snowfall of the year. Can't you just imagine waking up to a world of glittering whiteness?

It Snowed!!! Let's Play!!!

First, let's build a snowman but be careful not to slip!
Whoopsy the Snowman Polymer Clay Ornament by CELLestial Beadworks

Then we'll write our names in the snow.
He Marked The Day... by Theater Clouds

And we'll spend the afternoon sledding down the biggest hill we can find! Hang On!
Hand Carved Sledder Ornament by GT Carvings

Thank you to CELLestial Beadworks, Theater Clouds and GT Carvings for a fun-filled, winter, day! Please check out these and all their other wonderful items in their Etsy shops.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!
- CoconutPalmDesigns