Monday, June 7, 2010

Love, Death and The Flintstones

I had the hardest time choosing only three items from today's featured artisan to post here. Kim at My World's A Stage has the coolest embroidered items in her Etsy shop. Apart from the three items here she has aprons, neckties, magnets, machine embroidery and pillows.

I love the look of this first shirt. I am a real fan of white, button down shirts but the embroidered roses here add a real touch of the unique to this shirt.

Then going from lightness and love to darkness and daring, you have this skulls and roses embroidered, black button down shirt.

And to add a touch of whimsy, she has this really cool Flintstones purse made from a silk necktie. Ahhhh... Fred screaming for Wilma... Happy sounds of my childhood!

You can also contact Kim at the following places:


Katie's Dailies said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning!

I like that Flintstones design. I can just hear old Fred yelling for Wilma... : )

LisaDay said...

While I like the skull. You just need a motorcycle to own it. Wow, wasn't that stereotypical.