Friday, June 11, 2010

The Art Of An "Internationally Unknown Artist"

Carmen I. Hurt, of indyRtist on Etsy, paints such bright and cheerful paintings on canvas and unique digital imagery. She also creates fabulous, hand painted adirondack chairs and rockers for children.

I love images of the moon and trees so this painting, entitled Night of the Big Moon, grabbed my attention right away.

My son loves giraffes and he pointed this chair out. How great would a chair just for your little one look on your veranda or covered patio? (This chair is intended for indoor use.)

This painting, entitled Father And Son, was inspired by the artist's son when he was stationed in Iraq.

You can also contact Carmen at the following places:
Website: (paintings and digital imagery)
Website: (digital imagery)


LisaDay said...

I love the chair. It's colourful and it is covered with giraffes.



indyRtist said...

Thank you for featuring my work on your blog. It looks great!

Carmen Hurt (indyRtist)