Monday, March 14, 2011

Let The Sunshine In

I love stained glass in all it's forms but when I saw this Poppy Field Panel by Artophile, one of my Etsy Expats teammates, I completely fell in love. This panel has over 160 pieces of glass which have been painted and fired to add detail and depth to the design. It is framed in unfinished oak and hung with heavy duty chain. The detail in this piece is incredible!

Poppy Field Stained Glass Panel

These are a few more of Artophile's beautiful stained glass pieces. Click on the individual pictures to be taken to the listings on Etsy.

You can contact Artophile at:

Happy 1 Year Etsy Anniversary to Artophile!


shwirl said...

Thanks Joanne, This looks great! :)

LisaDay said...

That is a beautiful piece. I also loved stained glass.


Caren said...

Wow, beautiful stained glass. Also, your new 'black' look on the site goes well with making colors pop out.