Friday, July 16, 2010

Time's Passage

I love photos of old things, people and places. The following photographs by Etsy artist, Wilde Designs, are part of a series showing time worn buildings in Texas.

From South Bend, Texas, this photo is number four in the Vanishing Texas series.

Number seven in the series was taken in Mineral Wells, Texas.

And back in South Bend, there is number five, this abandoned house.

You can also contact Wilde Designs at the following places:
Blog: http://wildedesigns.blogspot.comLinkFacebook:


Beth said...

Thank you so so much for featuring my photos! :: hugs ::

Samantha said...

Those are beautiful photos! There are a lot of places like that here in South Carolina, and I enjoy when local artists paint, draw, or photograph them. They always look so amazing.

Caroline said...

These are beautiful, and yet so sad!!!

Caroline said...

Oh, and happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Jamie Creason said...

Fabulous feature and beautiful photos! There are so many place like that all of the country! It's nice to see them being featured!

Kirsty said...

Oh wow these are really fantastic! I love photographs like these too! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Howard said...

I'm still selling, though I'm no longer on Etsy. Now you can find all my work at!