Friday, July 2, 2010

Dance With Me

I think I am back to wishing for a little girl so I can dress her up in all the absolutely adorable things on Etsy particularly these tutus by Mama Always Said.

I am in love with the color scheme of this Under the Sea TripleTie PettiTutu.

Big City Girl Pettitut is another sweet combination.

And in honour of the USA's Independence Day, here is a 4th of July PoofPom Tutu.

You can also contact Mama Always Said at the following places:


LisaDay said...

Tutus and girls. They really go well together.


Kerri said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I have one precious son, and probably won't have any more children unless we adopt, and then it would be another boy. I have been SO tempted to dress Jacob in silly things I see for girls... My hubby would KILL me if ever did!! (I don't think I really would, but some of the girls'clothing out there is SO cute!!)