Monday, October 11, 2010

Get Your Freak On

Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night, looking over at your significant other and seeing an alien starring back at you? What about the Mona Lisa? These are just two examples of sleep masks that Freaky Old Woman has for sale in her Etsy shop.

Some other masks are the One Eye Freak Them Out Sleep Eye Mask

The Owl Nightmare Freak Them Out Sleep Eye Mask

And the Old Native Warrior Freak Them Out Sleep Eye Mask
Freaky Old Woman's sleep masks would also make great Halloween presents!

You can contact Freaky Old Woman at:


LisaDay said...

These are just freaky. Can you say nightmare maker?


Kerri said...

Lisa you took the words out of my mouth. Freaky to the freakiest freak. If I opened my eyes and saw that I'd probably die of a heart attack and go meet Jesus right then and there!